Chris Hemsworth’s Limitless Co-Star Describes His ‘Obscene’ Fitness Regimen For Extraction 2

Over the years, if you’ve watched the Marvel movies in order, you’ve seen Chris Hemsworth maintain an impeccable physique as the God of Thunder. Clearly, the actor behind the self-proclaimed “strongest Avenger” is no stranger to intense workouts and training regimes. However, according to Ross Edgley, a sports scientist and ultra-marathon swimmer who worked with Hemsworth on Limitless, the Thor actor’s training for the Extraction sequel was “obscene.” 

In an interview with our sister site Tech Radar, Edgley talked about how Hemsworth has physically prepared for Extraction 2. The actor is just coming off a year where he released two films Thor: Love and Thunder and Spiderhead as well as the Disney+ docu-series Limitless. Edgley spoke about just how hard the Thor actor worked to prepare physically for these roles, saying: 

When I was lucky enough to be on the set of Thor. Chris would do a 12-hour day’s filming, and then at the end, he knew he had to do his rope conditioning [for Limitless], so he would just start disappearing up a rope. But he did something like four movies in a year – I think it was Extraction [2], Thor: Love and Thunder, Spiderhead, and [one other]. His work capacity was so big.

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