Fit For Christmas Star Amanda Kloots Shares How The Loss Of Husband Nick Cordero Inspired Her To Create A Christmas Movie

The Christmas season is coming to CBS in a new way with Fit for Christmas, starring Amanda Kloots. The project is The Talk co-host’s very first holiday movie, and she was involved in it as more than just the leading lady. Kloots created the premise that incorporates her real-life love of fitness as she plays Audrey in the festive town of Mistletoe, Montana, and she spoke with CinemaBlend about finding her inspiration after losing her husband, Nick Cordero, in 2020.

Broadway alum Amanda Kloots reached many people in 2020 as she opened up about her husband’s struggle with COVID, before and after he passed away in July of that year. Now, with Fit for Christmas releasing to bring some holiday cheer, Kloots shared with CinemaBlend that she wanted this to be the project that brought her back into acting because she created it, then elaborated on how she found inspiration in a difficult time:

It was an idea that came to me back in July of 2020 on a sleepless night. I had lost my husband a couple of weeks before and could not sleep, and I woke up in the middle of the night and they were playing Christmas movies on the television at that time to make people happy during COVID. It was like the height of COVID, and so I’m watching this Christmas movie and I thought of this idea about a fitness instructor. I remember thinking, ‘I watch so many of these movies, and there’s never been any kind of fitness involved at all.’

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