How Julie And Todd Chrisley Are Reportedly Feeling After Being Sentenced To Years In Prison

Life has definitely changed in a big way for reality TV couple Todd and Julie Chrisley. The two were found guilty of bank fraud and more this past summer and, after months of waiting, they were sentenced to years in prison just a few weeks ago. It goes without saying that they’re facing a very different kind of reality moving forward. Many probably assumed that the two were experiencing a mixture of emotions following the sentencing. And now, a source has provided alleged details on how they’re feeling during this time. 

Todd Chrisley was sentenced to 12 years in prison, while Julie was given 7 years. They were each handed 16 months of probation as well. Amid the situation, a source for People claimed that the pair are “doing about as good as you can imagine.” It’s also said that they’re not pleased because they believe that the judge who oversaw their sentencing “was making an example of them.” The trade’s source went on to share more details on the situation, including how the former USA Network stars are pushing through the situation: 

They’ve really been leaning into their faith to pull them through. That said, what happened to them was horrible, to be ripped apart in court the way that they were. They feel they were targeted unfairly by the judge because he said to them multiple times, ‘Just because you’re on TV, doesn’t mean you’re going to get away with this.

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