Marvel Reportedly Cut A Major WWE Star From Eternals

Not too long ago, it was alleged that Damian Priest was asked to audition for Namor or a different member of Talokan for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Now, it appears as though another major WWE superstar nearly joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe via 2021’s Eternals. A new report claims that Becky Lynch was nearly tapped for a Marvel role but that things fell through before she could make her debut. 

The report of “The Man” being involved in the Marvel flick comes by way of Fightful Select (via The Direct). Becky Lynch’s alleged role in Eternals wasn’t identified in the report, though the character was allegedly going to be utilize in an interesting way. It’s alleged that Lynch’s character was not going to play a massive role but was going to make her debut in a post-credits scene that set up a future installment. The scene was ultimately cut, and that seems to be why Lynch is currently lining up upcoming WWE events rather than upcoming Marvel movies

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