Michael B. Jordan Showed Creed III To Ryan Coogler. Then, The Black Panther Director Shared His Honest Response

Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler’s working relationship has continued to flourish years after their breakthrough film Fruitvale Station. Of course, that relationship extended to the Creed franchise with Coogler directing the first film and producing its sequel. While Coogler produced Creed III, Jordan is the one calling the shots now, as he will make his directoral debut with this film. The duo’s closeness came into play when Jordan showed Coogler the film for the first time. After getting a sneak peek at the third Creed film, the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever director responded honestly.

Coogler has been one of the lucky individuals to see one of the highly anticipated film on the 2023 film schedule. Having seen the movie, Collider asked him what it was like to see the sequel for the first time. Of course, the Black Panther director didn’t reveal any details about the sequel, but he did give his frequent collaborator some feedback on the boxing movie. The filmmaker didn’t spill what notes he gave Jordan but did shout out the Creed team – both on and offscreen talent – for the work they did.

I mean, I’m not answering that, bro. I’m not answering that. Yeah, that’s crazy. I mean, I’ll answer what it was like. I’ll answer that. Fantastic. That’s what it was like. I was filled with a lot of pride for Mike, for Jonathan, for Tessa, for Phylicia, and for the young star that everybody’s about to meet that plays Amara. But I was filled with a deep, deep, deep sense of pride for those… And my baby brother, who wrote the script. And along with Zach Baylin, who wrote King Richard. I was just proud of them all. And I called Mike and told him. I’m not going to get into the notes.

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