Sounds Like Star Trek’s George Takei Is Finally Putting An End To His Feud With William Shatner

One of the biggest celebrity feuds, which just happens to be in the Star Trek sphere, might finally be coming to an end. William Shatner and George Takei have traded barbs for decades and, now, it would appear that Takei has signaled that enough is enough. The Sulu actor seemingly squashed the feud during a recent interview by vowing to never speak of his former co-star again. 

George Takei has been touring the U.K. in promotion of his musical, Allegiance, which is based on his experience growing up in a Japanese internment camp. While doing press, he stopped by The Graham Norton Show to discuss his work. And for the second time in recent weeks, Takei addressed a question about William Shatner’s recent comments about him and stated that he’s through with responding to such queries. When Norton asked, Takei made  bold declaration (via Daily Mail): 

You are the last chat show host to be allowed to ask that question as it has become so tiresome to talk about…When Bill has a book to sell, he needs publicity and accuses us of using him. My subject is more substantial and important. He is a cantankerous old man, and I will not talk about him anymore. I vow that this is the very last time I talk about him.

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