What Is WhatsApp’s New Companion Mode? What Are Its Benefits & How Do You Activate It?

WhatsApp finally rolled out one of the most-requested features, Companion Mode, on Android Beta. The messaging app has launched a test version of this new update to select users. Based on the response, the feature will be extended to more users in the upcoming weeks. According to app tracker WABetaInfo, select users will now get to link their existing WhatsApp accounts to another Android device simultaneously.

Although this update has been under process since May 2022, it is only recently that the messaging app has decided to launch its preliminary version to a few users on an initial basis.

Companion Mode: Everything you need to know

Who can access Companion Mode?

WhatsApp companion mode
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Users can now access the same WhatsApp account on two to four android devices, with the chat history synchronised on all of them.

Companion Mode can be accessed by users who have WhatsApp Beta for Android or a higher version installed. Users are suggested to update their apps to download the current version. If they are still unable to use the Companion Mode, then it may not be available on their device at present.

Those who can see a ‘Link a device’ option in Settings need to have another Android phone or tablet with version to activate this WhatsApp feature successfully.

A step-by-step guide to activating Companion Mode

  • Do a fresh WhatsApp installation on the second device. After launching WhatsApp, tap on the three dots at the top right corner and select ‘Link a device.’ A QR code should appear on the screen.
  • Go to your primary phone. Open WhatsApp, and tap on the top right dots to get an option for ‘Linked Devices.’ The user will need to verify a biometric or a pin code, following which a scanner will appear on the screen.
  • In the final step, the user will need their primary phone to scan the QR code on the second device to successfully activate the Companion Mode.
  • To log out, one needs to go to ‘Settings’ of the primary phone. Go to ‘Linked devices’ and select the option to log out.

Key features and drawbacks of Companion Mode

The same WhatsApp account can be accessed on multiple devices along with end-to-end encryption that ensures user privacy. Chat history will also get automatically synced to the new devices. After linking devices, any message sent will appear on all devices.

However, since the app is still testing this update, a few features, like live location and stickers, will not be available once the Companion Mode feature is activated.

Other latest WhatsApp updates

WhatsApp launched ‘Communities’ on 3 November in a bid to bring various groups like neighbourhoods, parents at school and workplaces under one umbrella.

Other interesting updates that were rolled out under Communities were in-chat polls and 32-people video group calling. WhatsApp also announced that up to 1,024 users could be added to a single group.

Other features include a few privacy settings with which users can control who can see them online. The app also launched a feature to protect the privacy of users leaving a group. No other contact on the group, except admins, will be alerted when a member leaves a group.

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